1. Spaceman
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Fooled by the moon.
So much we used to know,
spheres out of stones.

The truth is...

Pink Moon
up on the hill
crashing down towards Earth.
Land right here in the middle of the road,
I ain't got no where
to call my home.

The truth is...
beyond us.

Interstellar agencies,
there's no telling what they want from me.
I'll miss those dark red skies,
when I'm floating through
endless night.
In your spacesuit,
I'll meet you
on the other side
of the moon.

Spaceman what can you say,
can you even tell us your name?

The truth is...

Lost in space,
drifting with grace.
Room for growth,
once you consider all the stars.
We wasted those times,
chasing wind chimes...
through endless night.